Got Debian ?

Do you own one or more VPS or dedicated servers ? Are you tired of typing the same commands over and over ? Well I was, so I decided to create a bash script, that would do all the work for me, and save me a ton of time.
So I bring you GotDeb an interactive bash script for servers running Debian OS. GotDeb will in just couple of seconds let you install several services such as nginx, PHP, MySql. Or maybe a VPN or proxyserver ? It's your choice what you want to install.
I'm not a coder, and haven't written any bash scripts before this. I used various sources on the internet to put together this script, so feel free to use it as you like. You can also create a pull request on GitHub if you have any suggestions or improments to the script.

wget --no-check-certificate>

or directly from GitHub

wget --no-check-certificate

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