GotDeb Interactive bash script for Virtual and Dedicated servers.

Version 1.6.7

We just uploaded version 1.6.7
See changelog below.

  • Ghost now works with other themes
  • Fixed wrong path in nginx document root
  • http/2 is now default for nginx
  • Fix for HTTPOXY vulnerability
  • Added debug information
  • Enabled OPCache on PHP 7
  • Updated OpenVPN installer

Detailed changelog will come later.

GotDeb Logo

Since I set up this blog, I thought that having a logo would be a nice touch.
So I took a couple of minutes and came up with this:

Version 1.6.6 in details

The changelog for each version doesn't really say a lot, so this post will explain a bit more in details what was changed and fixed.

There was a minor issue, that prevented users from choosing SQLite as the database, and a minor issue with setting up the blog with SSL due to a typo, both where fixed.
The start stop script for ghost has been changed to use "Supervisor" instead of the custom init script.
You can now use the following to start / stop or restart ghost

supervisorctl stop|start|restart ghost-blog  

I noticed when installing this blog, that when changing from the default theme (casper) the new theme stylesheet is not parsed. I figured out that there is a slight configuration error in nginx. If you have this issue remove the following:

    location /assets {
    alias /usr/share/ghost/content/themes/casper/assets;
    access_log off;
    expires max;



or replace casper with your theme name

alias /usr/share/ghost/content/themes/<change me>/assets;

This will be fixed in the next version.

Plex Media Server:
Plexmediaserver finally got a "real" repository for the server part. This will hopefully also solve the problems there was with updating the server.

phpMyAdmin was not working with PHP 7 due to mbstring was missing. This has been added, and everything is working flawless again.

I added the latest commits to the OpenVPN installer, and borrowed some of Nyr's code to detect users running with "sh" instead of "bash"

Thanks to Nyr for his awesome installer for OpenVPN

If you have any changes or things you would like to see added. Don't hesitate to submit a pull request or open an issue

New development blog

I been working on and off on GotDeb for a couple of years now, and it’s really just a script that I use for my personal servers (25 and counting :) )

Recently I discovered that other people are using the script for their servers as well, so I decided to make this blog for updates and feature development plans.

Do not hesitate to make a pull request if you have any ideas or changes to the script. I’m always looking to improve it.